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Lasmed, LLC is provided protocols, tools and pain models for drug discovery, preclinical trials and clinical research. Lasmed protocols allows differential and quantitative activation of C and A in vivo and in vitro pain models as well as quantitative testing of heat sensitive DRG and TRPV expressed HEK cells. Lasmed stimulators allows direct and transcutateous non invasive stimulation of a nerve tissue.


Lasmed LLC was established in 2002 to develop innovative diode laser based protocols and tools for neuroscience, pain  research and management. Our roots trace back to 1994 then interdisciplinary group of scientists from  Ioffe Physical Technical Institute,  Pavlov Medical University and Sechenov Institute  in St. Petersburg, Russia started to examine different types of lasers for investigation of  their potential therapeutic effects and influence to skin sensitivity. In 1994 they tried to use 980 nm diode laser for transcutaneous stimulation of free nerve terminals in skin. Since that time diode laser  were successfully applied for non invasive direct transcutaneous differential stimulation  of C and A developed  and proven unique behavioral, electrophysiology and patch clamp protocols.