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Laser Medicine & Pain Research: Tools and Protocols , Diagnostics, Project Design.

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Lasmed, LLC is developing protocols, tools and pain models for drug discovery, preclinical trials and clinical research. Lasmed protocols allows differential and quantitative activation of C and Ain vivo and in vitro pain models as well as quantitative testing of heat sensitive DRG and TRPV expressed HEK cells.

Diode laser selective stimulator (DLss) is a tool to selectively assess function of small C- or A-delta fibers in acute inflammatory and/or chronic pain states. We have consistent data from preclinical experiments and clinical studies using DLss demonstrating successful differential activation of A-delta and C-fibers. Besides, it is only laser that may use in activation of TRP positive heat sensitive cells like DRG or HEK cells in vitro and in vivo studies. The DLss is compatible to patch clamp recording, compound action potentials and single unit recording, EP/EEG, MEG and FMRI imaging. It allows high quality selective QST in humans, and selective behavioral tests in animals: orofacial, plantar, tail-flick.


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Please send us an e-mail: info@lasmed-online.com